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Discover all the benefits of our Pasta for your business.
Pasta Massi represents a new standard of quality and is the surprise you've been waiting for.
Bring excellence to your business.

Benefits to the catering industry:

Paste ultrastructure perfectly intact

Extraordinary tightness to baking for inimitable versatility

Unaltered grain flavor, superior taste and crisp bite

Perfect for Catering: won't scald if left on the line after cooking

The benefits for retail:

Perception of absolute superiority, from the first taste

Ease of use: it never skins and is suitable for any recipe

Extremely healthy and nutritious.

Unique in the world, like the drawn pasta Egg White

Design at the center

Every feature of the Pasta was cared for and designed to enable a unique taste experience: we created the perfect bite, the result of fine-tuning on size, diameter, thickness and length.

The result of this extraordinary care? 

An inimitable Pasta that finally becomes the absolute protagonist at the table: tough, flavorful, crispy, nutritious, porous, fragrant and highly digestible.

La Pasta in Bianco - Chef Mauro Uliassi, 3 Michelin Stars Calamarata No. 25 by Pasta Massi, herring butter and timut pepper

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