The quest for perfection

Mauro Uliassi & Pasta Massi

The perfect bite exists

Pasta Massi boasts an exclusive partnership with Chef Mauro Uliassi, 3 Michelin Stars, created with the goal of bringing pasta to standards of quality never before achieved through continuous comparison.

A continuous and mutual collaboration that has led and still leads us to the refinement of our formats and the creation of a Pasta that is truly unique in the World.

Size/diameter/thickness & length, have been redesigned to ensure a unique taste experience.

Mauro Uliassi, the perfect partner

We always have the pleasure of communicating with Mauro Uliassi about our major innovations, such as the launch of Spaghettoni 2.5, the first spaghetti in the world created without the use of a die.

The presentation of Spaghettoni Pasta Massi

A historic moment for the Pasta world: Mauro Uliassi presents the launch of Spaghettoni 2.5.

Mauro Uliassi's Masterclass

Launching our brand in an exclusive Masterclass on the secrets of a good Pasta.

The recipes of
Mauro Uliassi

Over the years we have had the honor of seeing extraordinary recipes created with our product, and we are extremely proud that our Pasta is used daily in the Uliassi restaurant, both in the classic menu and in the renowned "Lab 2022."

Calamarata with herring butter and timut pepper
Spaghettoni with toasted linseed oil and black truffle

At all stages of the production cycle, we work at low temperatures, constantly controlled and in the absence of mechanical and thermal stress.

This is thanks to sophisticated technological innovations that enable us to make a fine Pasta with excellent nutritional characteristics.

The Best Method Ever, for a Unique Pasta.