The Massi Method

The only low-temperature, controlled processing system.

Ours is a "living" Pasta

When technology and innovation are at the service of tradition, it is possible to make craftsmanship contemporary, creating a Pasta that preserves the natural characteristics of the raw materials unaltered: unparalleled porosity, natural irregularity and unmistakable aroma.

The stages of the Massi Method

Sophisticated technologies in the service of tradition.

1. The dough

The dough is always made at low temperatures according to a process that allows each grain of Semolina to be enriched with water, making the dough perfectly homogeneous.


2. The Pastry sheet

Mono-process processing guaranteed by the Massi Method is the only way to make a perfect pastry sheet, directly from dough crumbs, in a single, delicate step, constantly at low temperatures.

3. The cold drawing

The "cold" drawing made by the Massi Method is an original way of extrusion that allows the dough to be transformed into a variety of shapes, always processing them at low temperatures.

At all stages of the production cycle, we work at low temperatures, constantly controlled and in the absence of mechanical and thermal stress.

This is thanks to sophisticated technological innovations that enable us to make a fine Pasta with excellent nutritional characteristics.

The Best Method Ever, for a Unique Pasta.

The benefits of the Massi Method

The difference can be felt and seen.

Comparative electron microscope images.

Laboratory tests and electron microscope images prove that Pasta Massi 's ultrastructure is characterized by an intact glutinic mesh that firmly envelops the starches, well intact, within it.

This makes our pasta extraordinarily light and enhances all its organoleptic characteristics.

Constant and controlled low temperatures at all stages, from pre-dough to drying

Absolute respect for raw materials by eliminating thermal stresses

Sensory and organoleptic properties of raw materials unaltered for unique goodness

Incomparable hygienic standards through sophisticated technological innovations

The result? Quality without compromise

Rediscovering the true flavor of Pasta today is possible: thanks to our exclusive Method, it is possible to enjoy an inimitable Pasta that preserves all the original organoleptic qualities of the raw materials, from flavors to fragrances to health benefits.