Pastes according to
Massi Method

A living product, born out of respect for raw materials

High quality. Zero compromise.

Pasta Massi is a unique product of the highest quality, processed using patented, innovative and unrepeatable systems: the Massi Method.

A revolutionary production chain created to respect the original qualities of the selected raw materials while keeping their sensory and nutritional characteristics perfectly intact.

Choosing excellent raw materials is not a merit, treating them with respect is .

Anyone can make the choice to use excellent raw materials to produce Pasta, but no one respects them as much as we do, and that is where the Massi Method makes the difference.

Our flours

100% Italian durum wheat Semolina

The percentage of protein constitutesthe most important quality factor in Semolina. The higher it is, the more valuable the Semolina is. Ours is: 

  • High-protein;
  • has a "customized" and specially designed grain size to meet the characteristics of our dough.
Farro Monococco Flour

It is the oldest of the spelt varieties available today, used for more than 10,000 years. 

It has simpler glutinic structure that makes it difficult to use for conventional pasta-making processes. It contains less gluten and is lower in calories. It has good amounts of B vitamins and protein.

*Available by special order only

Senatore Cappelli Semolina

Senatore Cappelli durum wheat Semolina is one of the few remaining ancient grains, that is, original in its nature and genetic structure.

This wheat is an ancestor of modern durum wheat and has been rediscovered and revalued as a grain of excellence.


*Available by special order only

The Short Pasta

An innovative "cold-drawing" system, exclusive and patented, allows the dough to be transformed into one of the many formats available by taking advantage of the benefits of the Cold Method.

A technology that is based on a special system of gradual compression that makes it possible to eliminate mechanical stresses, temperature rise and stagnation zones in the dough, the main source of negative alterations to the valuable properties of raw materials.

← Photo by Monique D'Anna

The Long Pasta

Metodo Massi's innovative mono-process creates a perfect pastry sheet in one step directly from dough crumbs, totally eliminating the kneading stage.

A process that takes place at constant low temperatures, in the absence of uncontrolled overpressure, friction, shear stress and thermal alterations, which would compromise the quality of the final product.

Photos of Monique D'Anna →

At all stages of the production cycle, we work at low temperatures, constantly controlled and in the absence of mechanical and thermal stress.

This is thanks to sophisticated technological innovations that enable us to make a fine Pasta with excellent nutritional characteristics.

The Best Method Ever, for a Unique Pasta.